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Wrap Up

In a short afternoon we have worked through a LOT of content! Remember, the goal wasn’t to become an expert, so you shouldn’t actually feel like one. You should have a sense of if you like coding and thinking like a programmer, and have some questions bubbling up about what else is possible and how it might be acheived!

Next Steps

Are you in love with coding? Set up a time to meet with Chelsea about what that could look like for you at Turing or send her an email at

Want to do a little more exploration before taking the next step toward a career change? Here are some great places to start:

  • Attend a Try Coding Weekend workshop where you’ll go a bit more in depth as to how things work in a given language, and explore the difference between Front-End and Back-End Engineering. We can send a promo code so you can register for free!
  • Get more exposure and gain comfort with the syntax by working through one of Codecademy’s free tutorials

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