Programming is Hard

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  • Develop an understanding for the type of mindset a developer must have
  • Start building a positive relationship with the idea of struggle

Tweets From Experienced Developers

In this next section, we’ll dive deeper into the fundamentals of Ruby. It will be hard. That said, it’s entirely possible to learn and get better at! It’s also 100% ok to not know everything.

Take a moment to look through some tweets from experienced developers, while reflecting on the questions below.

  1. What themes do you notice?
  2. When was the last time you failed at something? How did you react? What did you do?
  3. What strategies do you personally use to learn something new?

A Developers Mindset

To be a developer, you don’t have to remember everything. What’s more important is that you’re curious, resourceful, communicative, and you’re not afraid to question how things work.

At Turing, we frame our thinking (which informs curriculum, instruction, and coaching) around two things that are essential for students to gain the skills they need while at Turing, and be successful on the job:

  1. When people have a growth mindset, a belief that intelligence can be developed, they display the following behaviors:
    • willingness to embrace challenge
    • persist in the face of setbacks
    • see effort as part of the path to success
    • solicit feedback to improve
    • view others’ success as inspiration
  2. Productive struggle is a state of engagement where learners can work through increasingly challenging problems and problems they have never seen before. Strong developers learn to monitor their struggle and assess whether it is productive or unproductive. When it becomes unproductive, it’s important to ask for help! Productive struggle helps people continue to develop their grit and creative problem solving!

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